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Multipoint Server

Is your school stuck with Windows XP and wants to move to Windows 7 or maybe your school needs a quick and easy way to deploy Windows 7 desktops?

Multipoint Server from Microsoft could be the answer and at the same time save your school thousands of pounds.

Google Apps for Education

Cloud computing is coming fast to all area’s of education allowing easy access to work from any device and from any location that has an Internet connection.

Google Apps for Education is ideally placed to allow your school to share documents and allow both staff and students to collaborate on projects, even allowing edits to be made at the same time by several different people.

Whether you are a year teacher who wants to set homework and projects for your class to complete or a school business manager who wants to share documents with governors and senor staff, Google Apps for Education fits the bill perfectly. See Dowson case study or my blog for more details.

First Ediction & 2010it ICT for Schools

Moving to Windows 7

Is your school stuck in an XP rut and what you really want is to move up the Windows 7 but don't know how?

There are many options and it could be easier and cheaper then you think.

Wireless Your School

Laptop’s, Notebook, iPad’s and iPod’s. They all need to connect to your network, but will your current wireless access points have the capacity to cope?

Perhaps you are looking to upgrade or planning on installing a new wireless network in your school?

Backup, Servers and Storage

Is it time to upgrade your current curriculum file server? Moving to Windows Server 2008 R2 brings lots of new features and allows the easy management of Windows 7 desktops.

Don't forget to backup your data or even add some extra storage to your network.

First Ediction & 2010it ICT for Schools

Projects & Planning

Does your school want to move ICT forward but doesn't know what the next move should be.

There are many options, and some maybe cheaper or affordable then you might first think.

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Backup & Storage

Moving forward and carefully choosing technology such as Ruckus Wireless, Media Streaming, File Server upgrades and iPads that can be projected onto a Smartboard. At a very cost effective price.

Arundale Primary School, Tameside